Chesapeake Bay Academy is a very special school – like none other in the Hampton Roads area. As the only K-12 independent school in Southeastern Virginia dedicated to educating bright students who have difficulty learning and achieving in traditional lecture-style educational environments, we specialize in educating children with ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia other learning differences. With our experienced and knowledgeable teachers by their sides, our students learn to turn their differences into opportunities and embrace their individual learning styles. CBA students are empowered with the knowledge to become their own best advocates, in the classroom and beyond.

At CBA, our academic programs are based on a philosophy that recognizes the uniqueness of every student. Working together, teachers and administrators create an Individualized Instructional Plan (IIP) for each student, both identifying strengths to be developed and targeting areas where extra support will be beneficial. Our educators differentiate the curriculum for each child and apply a wide-range of teaching strategies and instructional methodologies to match the individual learning styles of their students. Creative techniques including multisensory and multidisciplinary presentations, as well as project-based learning and technology-based instruction, help teachers to promote effective learning for all of their students.

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