Chesapeake Bay Academy Parents and FamiliesAs a parent or family member of a Chesapeake Bay Academy student, you are a valued member of our community. 

A Chesapeake Bay Academy education serves not just students, but has a lasting impact on entire families.  As our students are relieved of the stress and frustration that often accompanies underachievement, the whole family becomes more relaxed.  Parents are able to shift their focus from a constant state of anxiety about one child to their other children and family members, and to each other, resulting in a more balanced family life.

In their own words…

CBA has been great for my son. The low student to teacher ratio ensures that he gets the attention he needs for staying on task and staying organized. They also have a wonderful Mindfulness program in the middle school which teaches students to stop and think. Also vital for my son. The support is outstanding!

-Annie VanHook, middle school parent

It’s clear for us when Thomas is a little unwilling to wake up some mornings, and we only have to say, “Well, it’s ok, don’t go to school then…”, he will just jump out of bed, and say “but I want to go!” He loves CBA.

-Diego Zuniga, lower school parent

We have been a CBA family for 5 years and I can honestly say it has been a blessing for our son and our family as a whole. He is a Junior now and has made wonderful friendship with his fellow students and strong connections to the staff as well. I am able to stay up to date with all his assignments and he has enjoyed learning in an environment where he feels comfortable asking questions and being himself (this was not possible in the huge classes he was in in the public school). I recommend CBA to any family looking for more than what public schools have to offer.

- Sandi Burleson, Upper School Parent

“There is no such thing as a perfect school. Every institution has it’s unique challenges. Chesapeake Bay Academy, however, is a perfect fit for my son. Small class sizes, friends that accept him for who he is and understand/share many of his learning differences, a compassionate and approachable staff, and a safe learning environment all are attributes we hoped for in a school. CBA has all of this and more. It is a warm, welcoming community for students and parents, alike. My husband and I are wholeheartedly invested in Chesapeake Bay Academy through volunteerism in the Parents’ Association, the Athletics Department and the Annual Auction. Our son loves his school, his teachers, being a member of the JV and Varsity basketball teams, and the bonds he has made with classmates. We are grateful every day for Chesapeake Bay Academy.”

- Aimee Cochran, Upper School Parent

“…I was reflecting on Maria’s past while watching her play on the volleyball court.  It is something that we never dreamed would happen.  CBA is transforming our lives and my daughter’s future and we feel so incredibly blessed for it. “

- Lower School Parent

“…CBA was a wonderful experience for our family and I shudder to think where Matthew would be in his development today if CBA had not been an option. Thank you for all you do for your students!”

- Middle School Parent

“I just want you to know how much we appreciate your amazing teachers, staff and school. As we walked into the house, my son looked at me and said: you know, that school probably saved my life. I really can’t add to that other than to say thank you again and again.”

- Middle School Parent

“I am very thankful that we found this school for our son.  He is a confident, thoughtful, intelligent, secure and mature young adult.  I don’t think he would be the wonderful person he has become if not for the many influences of the people of CBA.  I wish more schools could make such an impact on their students.”

- Lower School Parent

“Joshua is looking forward to finding some science images this weekend.  He has already asked if we have enough color ink and good paper to print them out.  He loves loves loves science class.  On the way home some days, he gleefully talks about the discussions in class.  He is especially thrilled when the discussions delve into subjects like anti-matter, space exploration, and theory.  I get the feeling he would happily attend science class all day with occasional breaks for LEGO robotics. Thank you for encouraging his passion for science!”

-Deborah Ellis, Middle School Parent

“Our son spent five wonderful years at CBA where he was not only nurtured and understood, but received and outstanding foundation and education.  We will be forever grateful.”

-Anne Cutchins, Alumni Parent

“Amanda graduated from CBA and one of the best memories and experiences was volleyball.  It taught her so much and the coach was so supporting.”

-Keri Phillips, Alumni Parent

“Thank you ALL for what you have done for my Tyler over the past four years.  God Bless!”

-Beverly Ochs, Upper School Parent

“Anya has gained as much from sports as she has in the classroom.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.”

-Jim Granger, Middle School Parent

“Thanks so much for taking the kids on a field trip to the Virginia Living Museum today!  Joshua had a great time!  From the moment he got into the car he was telling me about the trip.  He was full of information about all sorts of things he saw and learned.  He was especially thrilled with the presentation at the planetarium.  I feel like I now know a great deal about Neptune.   He has been relating tidbits of information all evening.  Thanks again for coordinating such a terrific day!”

-Deborah Ellis, Middle School Parent

“…I know that you were going crazy this yr trying to coach all the various basketball teams…..having watched some practices, I know it was not easy…that being said, I wanted you to know how much sports mean to Alex…she cannot quit talking about scoring a basket….each morning she makes a comment about “I can’t believe I don’t have to take my sports bag”…having her at CBA was an opportunity for her to get to spend her youth in an environment that was not threatening….having her play sports has been a bonus we did not expect….she played when she was very little, but no matter how we tried to protect her, team sports were always a disaster…the pride she takes in participating is palpable…..having her not only touch the ball the other day, but actually score, has done more for her self esteem than anything I can think of…I just wanted you to know how important you are to the kids over there…your willingness to give up a boatload of your time to allow them to compete is creating memories for them that they could never have imagined they would get….it is allowing them to experience things that normal kids take for granted, but these kids would never get without your help…thank you.”

-Bob & Debbie Haddad, Upper School Parents

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