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Social Butterflies Club Social Skills Program Monarch Program Social Butterflies at Chesapeake Bay AcademyRhonda Osisek, M.S., CCC-SLP
Director, Social Learning, LLC
Speech Therapist at Southeastern Therapy for Kids at CBA

Rhonda Osisek is a certified speech and language professional with over 20 years of experience.  In addition to providing speech therapy services Southeastern Therapy for Kids at CBA, Rhonda believes the increasing need for direct social pragmatic instruction stems from a number of causes:

Living in the age of technology, many children are no longer developing social skills naturally.  For some, computers, cell phones and video games are impediments to healthy development.  The result is delayed social development that can lead to life-long consequences from academic, interpersonal and vocational perspectives.

Did you know:  Social development is the basis upon which all language is built.  Children develop academic skills, expressive language skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills through play in the early years of life.  

The population we serve frequently has delayed development of social skills resulting from a wide range of causes.  Speech-language delays, motor delays, cognitive delays, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or social isolation can all result in difficulty acquiring social acuity.

The program:  The Social Butterflies Club (SBC) teaches children social skills in a fun, structured environment.  The unique organization of our program works to teach social understanding in a real-life context, instead of in isolation.  Kids are allowed to practice what they learn with others, while having fun at the same time!

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