Chesapeake Bay Academy

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ADHD Symposium: March 21, 2020
Keynote Speaker, Clinical Psychologist and New York Times Best-Seller
Author of: Lost at School and The Explosive Child
Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.
Tour Our School: Jan. 22 @ 9am
Join us at Open House to meet our community of educators and learners!
Highly Skilled Faculty
86% of Faculty hold a Graduate Degree.
Small Class Sizes
Low student-teacher ratio provides regular opportunities for personalized instruction.
Food & Consumer Science Lab
Students learn the finer points of cooking, nutrition and food safety. In addition this program focuses on home economics and empowers students to make informed decisions.
Personalized Education
Our individualized approach to each student builds confidence and fosters academic success.
Social Emotional Learning
Students receive direct instruction to help build self-awareness, set and achieve goals, effectively manage emotions, and make responsible decisions.
MAKE CBA Entrepreneurship Program & Makerspace
Students get hands-on and interface core competencies of science, mathematics, business and design-thinking.