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2e Learners

2e Twice Exceptional Learners at Chesapeake Bay AcademyTwice Exceptional (2e) Learners are our specialty!  Children who are intellectually gifted with a learning difference thrive at Chesapeake Bay Academy.  Our unique approach to curriculum provides 2e children with the rigorous academic challenges their minds need in a non-traditional classroom environment that positively channels their individual learning styles.  By developing each student’s instruction plan (IIP) on and individual basis, 2e children work at grade levels varied by discipline and advance at a pace suitable to them. 

Advanced Scholars Program

CBA partners with our neighbor Virginia Wesleyan University, to make the Advanced Scholars, dual-enrollment program available to our twice-exceptional learners. Participating upper school students receive college credit for completed classes.

Contact Dana Calo, Director of Enrollment, to learn more about how CBA and 2e students are an exceptional match!