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Strategic Plan 2021-2026: Focus. Adapt. Grow.

The 2015 strategic plan defined a framework for Chesapeake Bay Academy to excel in academic innovation, be fiscally responsible, increase enrollment and raise the bar as an excellent community partner. When the pandemic struck, the work undertaken from the strategic plan allowed CBA to pivot quickly to provide online and in-person learning tailored to individual student needs. 

Throughout the pandemic, we never stopped delivering our exceptional education to our differently-abled learners.

As we celebrate our success in not only surviving, but thriving, we recognize there is more work to be done. Our new Strategic Plan 2021-2026: Focus. Adapt. Grow. retains the four strategic pillars of the previous plan, builds on prior success, and brings new focus to better address future opportunities and challenges.


Academic Innovation & Research
Pursue innovative, “next practice” approaches to educating our students, as well as explore unique educational environments, both real and virtual, that maximize opportunities for our students to realize their individual potential.

  • Research focus through CERTI (Center for Education Research and Technology Innovation)
  • Professional development and faculty retention
  • Optimize Technology
  • Virtual Learning Curriculum Advancement

Optimized Student Enrollment
Re-define enrollment goals to accommodate a variety of enrollment options, including hybrid offerings.

  • Virtual learning enrollment opportunities
  • Virtual learning curriculum advancement
  • Advanced market research to develop new educational products
  • Implementation of DEIJ initiatives across all phases of recruitment and retention processes

Financial Health
Establish and maintain a stable yet flexible financial strategy that ensures long-term sustainability and capacity to grow.

  • Grow the endowment through planned giving efforts
  • Cost analysis to determine potential for virtual learning revenue streams
  • Tax credit legislation to continue to support tuition assistance for lower/middle income families
  • Reserve Study to maintain structural/mechanical integrity of facility
  • Faculty retention through enhanced competitive wage and benefits packages
  • CERTI funding through grant opportunities and foundation contributions

Organizational Engagement
Increase engagement at all levels of the organization with the goal of informed decision making and increased support of community stakeholders.

  • Strategic board development
  • Trustee development focused on non-profit governance best practices; Codify succession plan to develop future membership structure
  • Integration of diversity policy and diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives across the entire community
  • Foster collaborative partnerships with external organizations to achieve strategic goals







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