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Online or On Campus - We Thrive!

What our parents are saying:

“It is amazing how well the teachers have stepped up to this challenge.”

“You're giving Lilian and the other CBA students an invaluable tool in teaching them how to navigate virtual learning, discussion boards and digital content submissions. This is the future of education and CBA is on the cutting edge. Further, this makes learning so much more accessible for students who may have anxiety, attention issues or other learning differences that make classroom instruction challenging. Thank you for this nontraditional semester. It's honestly the best thing a modern kid could get and I'm so proud of CBA for committing to making it not only tick the boxes, but operate as a serious learning experience.”

“We appreciate the structure and consistency you are providing. Thomas is really excited to be part of this virtual learning environment and wake up every day ready to do his best!”

“The transition has been amazing. The virtual meetings and constant communication have removed so much stress. This is an unprecedented time and CBA has handled everything very well.”

“What an outstanding job you are all doing at CBA. My husband and I are so impressed with your work!”

“Totally impressed with the patience, compassion, and commitment that teachers have demonstrated. From my optic, CBA’s staff/faculty team are extremely professional and have the flexibility to adapt to any challenge they are presented with. Virtual ‘Hi-5 and fist pump’ to all!”

"I am so impressed with CBAs ability to adapt quickly to a digital learning platform. The teachers continued to offer the same love and support to our kids under these crazy circumstances. The family type atmosphere of our school was a huge part of being able to stay connected during these last 12 weeks. These circumstances have proven our decision to trust CBA with Ryan's education was the absolute right choice."

"Remaining interactive in teaching the students, engaging them for answers and conversation really helps those children who struggle with staying focused and attentive. There are quite a few teachers that have been excellent at doing this! THANK YOU for all of the support through this transition."

"Remote learning has certainly been a difficult transition, but I think CBA has handled it better than any other school could, especially considering this was unplanned for. Great job!"

"Chesapeake Bay Academy is the finest educational institution that I have ever experienced. The way they cater to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of each student while ensuring that they are grasping and learning material is beyond reproach. I am totally taking aback on their ability to implement and effectively execute their distance learning capability during the pandemic. Highly recommend and support CBA! Job well done!"

 "What the school has to offer our children is amazing!"

"Chesapeake Bay Academy has an education second to none in the Western hemisphere based on the students individual learning techniques."