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CDC Guidelines and School Procedures

Chesapeake Bay Academy

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Technology Assessment

The school continues to closely monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID19) situation in the United States and around the world. To prepare for the possible community transmission of COVID-19, the most important thing for our school to do now is plan and prepare. As such we are reviewing plans to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning in the event that we are required to close school for a period of time. These plans include digital and distance learning capabilities utilizing Canvas, our online learning management system. Canvas assignments will be grade-level appropriate but will involve needing access to a device(laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet, iPad) and quite possibly a webcam/microphone and/or a built-in camera/microphone. We are asking that every family complete the following survey by Thursday, March 12th so that we can determine our students’ access to computers and the internet at home so that we can manage expectations appropriately.

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