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Welcome to Chesapeake Bay Academy!

Our tagline says it best: There's only one.

As the only K-12 independent school in Southeastern Virginia dedicated to serving students with a wide variety of learning differences, we understand that our students are bright kids who need a better academic fit. Traditional teaching methods and classroom environments are unable to provide the level of support that allows these bright kids to reach their academic potential.

Since 1989, Chesapeake Bay Academy has strived to uncover the unique talents and capabilities of each child. Through an engaging and nurturing program of rigorous academics, athletics and fine arts, our students have the ability and motivation to succeed. Our teachers create a learning environment guided by a simple philosophy - to respect the unique needs of all students and empower them to grow and develop to reach their full potential.

We invite you to visit and learn more about Chesapeake Bay Academy, a school where bright kids with learning differences thrive!

Dana Calo
Director of Enrollment Management


Ask me about our Gender Equality Grant!

Meet Our Admissions Team

Vicki Wicher, Sharon Sharp & Dana Calo