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Apply Online

Apply Online

The Admission Committee reviews applications upon completion.

A completed application includes the following:

      • Online Application with $50 non-refundable application fee
      • From Current School:
        • Current Transcript, which should include grades and any standardized test results
        • Teacher Recommendation Form
      • Testing (for all applicants):
        • Cognitive Assessment Results - no more than 3 years old. (IQ test: WPPSI-3, WISC-4 or 5, or Stanford-Binet 5)
        • Achievement Test results no more than 12 months old (Woodcock-Johnson-3, CTP-4, WIAT-3, or other standardized measure).  Please contact the admission office to discuss options.
      • Personal Statement (for entrance into grades 9 – 12)
      • Parent Interview
      • Student Visit

Other Information

If you have any of the following information regarding your child, please submit with the application:

      • Occupational therapy evaluation
      • Psychoeducational evaluation
      • Neuropsychological evaluation
      • Speech and Language evaluation
      • Information on any medical disorders

Visits and Interviews

Student visits and parent interviews are scheduled by appointment.  Please contact the admission office at 757.497.6200 to arrange a visit.