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Chesapeake Bay Academy's athletic program focuses on the physical, affective, social and cognitive development of young people, exposing them to positive individual and collective learning experiences.  Athletics allows students to develop knowledge, skills and dispositions that allow them to be informed and responsible decision makers relative to engagement in physical activity and the sports in their lives.

Every student interested in participating in a competitive sport will play.  The athletic program takes pride in allowing all student athletes willing to participate an opportunity to grow.  The athletic program is committed to making all student athletes better individuals, better students and THEN better athletes.  In order to be a member of our athletics one must have an overall commitment to excellence in every day life, not just sports.

Chesapeake Bay Academy offers the following sports programs:

Fall Sports:

  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports:

  • Middle & Upper School Boys Basketball
  • Spirit Club

Spring Sports:

  • Co-ed Softball
  • Co-ed Tennis
  • Co-ed Bowling

All students age 10 and above are encouraged to participate.