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Athletics & Extracurriculars


CBA’s athletic program incorporates the development of our students’ physical, social and cognitive growth. Student athletes are exposed to individual and collective learning experiences designed to expand their skillsets, both as athletes and individuals.

Every student interested in participating in a competitive sport at CBA has the chance to get out and play. We take pride in allowing all student athletes interested in participating the opportunity to grow. Our priorities are focused on making all team members better individuals, better students, and then better athletes, in that order of importance.  CBA athletes must have an overall commitment to integrity and personal excellence in everyday life, as well as on the playing field.

Chesapeake Bay Academy offers the following sports programs:

Fall Sports:

  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball

Winter Sports:

  • Middle & Upper School Boys Basketball
  • Spirit Club

Spring Sports:

  • Co-ed Ping Pong
  • Co-ed Cross Country
  • Co-ed Bowling

All students age 10 and above are encouraged to participate.