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Posted by By Judy Jankowski, Ed.D. on Friday, July 19, 2019
Neuroplasticity in Education through Yoga and Mindfulness
Dr. Judy Jankowski Head of School, CBA“Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculp­tor of his own brain,” declared San­ti­ago Ramon y Cajal (1852–1934), Spanish neuroscientist and pathologist specializing in neuroanatomy. However, for decades it was believed that by the age of five the brain was fully developed and unchanging; that all the functions of the human body controlled by the brain and its accompanying network of neural pathways were set and immutable. Digital imaging technology...
Posted by By J.D. Ball, Ph.D., ABPP on Monday, May 6, 2019
Regularly moving the body has immediate, protective, long-lasting, benefits for executive functioning and brain health. By J.D. Ball, Ph.D., ABPPHaving written previously for CBA’s blogs series on the relationship between Sleep and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, I find it interesting that there is now a surging need to address a hot new research topic that will seem to many to be another call-back to common sense within the broad field of “good mental hygiene”– the relationship between exercise...
Posted by Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Mooney on Saturday, March 23, 2019
On Saturday, March 23rd, over 150 clinicians, educators, parents, caregivers, and adults with ADHD attended the 5th Annual ADHD Symposium at Chesapeake Bay Academy (CBA). Jonathan Mooney, award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and activist, presented as the keynote speaker and shared his struggles, triumphs, and insights on how to navigate life when faced with adversity due to a learning difference. Following the keynote, attendees had the opportunity to attend two breakout sessions based on their...
Posted by Dr. Peg Jensen, LPC of GP Jensen LP on Monday, January 7, 2019
Dr. Peg Jensen, LPC of GP Jensen LP
So many of us today are inundated on our TVs, phones, iPads, and computers with information on any given topic. The struggle is determining the veracity of this information. Parents of students who are struggling in school are often conducting research on the internet to further educate themselves on any given topic regarding their child. A recent Good Morning America segment by Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez purported that a 20-year study found that ADHD rates have increased dramatically over...
Posted by Judy Jankowski, Ed.D., Head of School, Chesapeake Bay Academy on Thursday, November 15, 2018
Judy Jankowski, Ed.D. Head of School at Chesapeake Bay Academy
“Good Morning, Mrs. Jankowski.” “Good Morning, Mrs. Briggs. Nice to see you. So, how is Jackie doing?” “Well…academically, she’s doing fine. No problems. But, there is something that I am concerned about.” “Really, what is it?” “Well, I think that Jackie may have ADHD, I’ve asked the counselor to evaluate her.” “I’m sorry but I don’t understand. What is it that leads you to believe that she has problems paying attention? I don’t see any of that at home.” “Well, she has a lot of...