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Creating a Safe Educational Space for All

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Congrats to Dr. J on her recent feature on HearSay with Cathy Lewis!

On a recent segment focused on education, Dr. J and Cathy discussed the challenges of COVID and CBA's plans for the Fall semester. 

Discussion highlights include:

  • Virtual learning poses  a HUGE learning curve for both parents and educators. Parents weren't trained to be educators and even for those educators who went through training a few years ago, virtual learning was not part of it.
  • Kids are so resilient. While students at CBA are required to wear masks, they are given several mask breaks throughout the day. Interestingly, a lot of kids forget to remove their masks during this time because they have grown so accustomed to wearing them.
  • You have to make it fun. Our students do "zombie walks" through the halls to maintain space between each other and each child loves having their own box of supplies which serves as a natural social distancing tool.
  • Maintaining momentum in a virtual environment is hard. On a national average, 1/3 of students just simply stop logging on. All education is predicated on relationships. When you lose that relationship, you are being challenged in a major way.
  • Developing resiliency and grit through social emotional learning. We need to teach our children how to manage a significant event in their life. How do we help kids process this experience so that this can eventually be a positive and meaningful experience? From challenge comes opportunity. How do you manage yourself through challenges.
  • Permanent changes to the future of education: growth in technology and homeschooling and shift towards "a la carte" education.

Dr. Jankowski's segment starts at 4:30:

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