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CBA 3.0: The Next Generation Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign will provide funding to:

  • Develop the CBA Early Learning Center
  • Facilitate the build-out of a sensory room that will serve the lower school students
  • Provide the latest in educational technology
  • Make available additional professional development opportunities for CBA’s talented and much-in-demand faculty
  • Dramatically increase funding for student scholarships

CBA 3.0 will also work to provide for the future through the cultivation of an endowment through planned giving. By strengthening its financial position in all of these areas, Chesapeake Bay Academy will stand ready to continue its exceptional service to the Hampton Roads region for the next 30 years and beyond.

For 30 years, Chesapeake Bay Academy has embraced the challenge of lifting students with learning differences to their highest potential. This dynamic and diverse independent school transforms the lives of young people who thrive under its model of personalized, interactive, and project-based learning.

With a focus on developing the whole child – intellectual, social, creative, physical and ethical – Chesapeake Bay Academy has strengthened families and the larger community. Its graduates leave empowered as vital collaborators, energizers and innovators in a region and a nation that increasingly embraces the value of diverse talents and backgrounds. Now, Chesapeake Bay Academy is poised to even more dramatically impact its students and the community at large through the implementation of a major campaign.

Early Childhood
The research related to early childhood education for kids with developmental delays and disabilities is clear and convincing. The earlier these children receive support, the more successful the interventions will be and the more life-changing the impact will be. With the ultimate mission of CBA being to empower students with the “skills and confidence necessary for success in higher education, careers and life,” CBA is working to expand service to that mission through the implementation of a three-year, pilot program offering intensive intervention for 3 and 4 year-olds diagnosed with cognitive, language-based and other developmental challenges. The CBA Early Learning Center will provide a comprehensive approach, embracing the physical, educational, and social-emotional development of the child. The CBA team will work in partnership with families to create a program to be implemented across school, home and community environments. Small class size and a low student-to-teacher ratio (2-to-1), already a hallmark of the CBA program, will allow faculty to provide extensive therapeutic supports. The educational team will include an early childhood special educator, a certified speech and language pathologist, an occupational/physical therapist and a board-certified behavior analyst.

Sensory Room
One of the key initiatives of the campaign tied to the preschool, but of significant benefit to lower school students as well, is the construction of a sensory room. A sensory room (sometimes called a sensory gym) is a space specially designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other processing difficulties to help them work through the sensory overload that may impair their ability to function in a classroom. The room includes soft-cushioned surfaces, ball pits, mini trampolines, fiber-optic lighting, weighted vests and blankets, and a host of other materials that are managed by the occupational therapist to support student success.

CBA has always integrated technology to personalize learning for K-12 students. Our approach to technology is comprehensive, beginning with the integration of the Canvas Learning Management System school-wide. The MAKE CBA program supports all students as they work to develop the essential 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. And Thrively, a personalized learning platform that uncovers students’ strengths and interests, is integrated within the social-emotional learning curriculum across middle and upper schools. CBA is noted for being at the forefront of integrating leading-edge technology and best practices, and aspires to embrace a bold vision for the future of teaching and learning. The CBA 3.0 campaign will contribute significant resources to upgrading existing hardware and software. As we expand our digital footprint in the delivery of educational services, the next phase is the incorporation of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) to better accommodate the multisensory learning needs of our students.

Faculty Development
Chesapeake Bay Academy embodies the concept of a community of learners. Our teachers are passionate about education and dedicated to their students. While the faculty arrive at CBA already highly skilled in teaching students who learn differently – 80% hold advanced degrees – they are also invested in continuous learning. From advanced college coursework to professional workshops led by experts in the field, CBA is committed to providing professional development opportunities that facilitate collaborative growth school-wide to ensure that all of our students receive a world-class 21st century education.

Tuition Assistance
The individualized educational experience provided for CBA students requires a significant financial investment on the part of families. Currently 65 percent of students receive tuition assistance. We know that cost is a factor in keeping many students away who would benefit from a CBA education. CBA’s doors are open to all, and the ability to provide scholarship assistance to a wider group of students means our school continues to grow, and more students will successfully navigate their educational experience.