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Grade 12 Science


What we do:

This course is a standards-based study of fundamental chemical concepts, such as atomic theory and its relation to chemical behavior, chemical bonding, the mole and stoichiometry, molecular kinetics, energy relationships, solution dynamics, acids-bases, equilibrium, organic and biological chemistry, and nuclear interactions. Emphasis is placed on the utilization of mathematical, analytical, data acquisition, and communication skills as well as interdisciplinary approaches to discovery. Concepts and skills are reinforced by a strong emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiences and the integration of other branches of science.

How we do it

Direct Instruction

  • Structured Overview
  • Lecture
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Didactic Questions

Indirect Instruction

  • Reading for Meaning
  • Inquiry
  • Reflective Discussion
  • Writing to Inform
  • Concept Mapping

Experimental Learning

  • Field Trips
  • Conducting Experiments
  • Simulations
  • Games
  • Field Observations
  • Role Playing
  • Model Building

Independent Study

  • Computer-assisted Instruction
  • Research Projects

Instructional Skills

  • Explaining
  • Demonstrating
  • Questioning
  • Questioning Techniques


  • Alternative Assessments
  • Graphic Organizers