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Grade 3 Math

Students entering 3rd grade come with diverse number sense, basic math understanding, and computation skills. Daily ability-based math groups allow each child’s specific needs to be addressed with both direct instruction as well as independent work.  When taught in this manner, the teacher has the opportunity to examine each child’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify appropriate strategies and accommodations.

What We Do

  • Applying knowledge of place value and the properties of addition and multiplication
  • Developing an understanding of, and solving problems that involve multiplication and division through 10 × 10
  • Writing, comparing and introduction of adding and subtracting fractions
  • Using standard units (U.S. Customary and metric) to measure temperature, length, and liquid volume
  • Continuing practice with elapsed time and equivalent periods of time
  • Exploring properties of shapes, points, line segments, rays, angles, vertices, and lines
  • Representing and interpreting data in graphs and tables
  • Investigating and describing the concept of probability as a measurement of chance

How We Do It

  • CRA Instruction (Concrete-Representational-Abstract)
  • Daily re-looping of previously learned materials
  • Examine multiplication through numerical patterns and use of sets
  • Use of Manipulatives (i.e. counters, number line, base 10 blocks, fraction tiles, money, clocks)/multi-sensory activities during direct instruction and independent work
  • Games and practice in both independent and small group settings
  • Group and independent activities utilizing technology (i.e. IPads, Smartboard)
  • Explicit instruction with calculators
  • Formative and Summative assessments


  • Use of number lines, multiplication charts during independent work/assessments
  • Use of manipulatives during independent work/assessments
  • Repetition and practice of skills to increase math fact fluency 
  • Use of graph paper to organize multiplication and division problems