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Grade 6 Math

What We Do

  • Whole number operations, basic arithmetic operations, estimation, complex problem-solving using whole numbers and complex problem-solving using decimals
  • Comparing and ordering fractions and finding fraction/decimal equivalents
  • Evaluation of simple numerical phrases with one or two algebraic variables
  • Squares of whole numbers, Pythagorean Theorem
  • Linear measurement 

How we do it

  • Logic and applied story problems
  • Use of manipulatives (i.e. counters, number line, base 10 blocks, fraction tiles, geoboards)
  • Lessons and activities from Math Connects
  • Games and practice in both independent and small group settings
  • Group and independent activities utilizing technology (i.e. IPads, Smartboard)
  • Investigations, pre- and post-assessments
  • Homework assessments


  • Use of number lines
  • Shortened lessons
  • Set wait time to complete tasks
  • Redirection
  • Use of calculators
  • Repetition
  • Guided practice
  • Allow individual pace
  • Multiplication and division charts
  • Use of graph paper for organization of work