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Grade 7 Language Arts

What we do:

Language Arts seeks to meet the individualized academic needs of all students through a focus on reading, decoding and comprehension skills, as well as understanding grammar and enhancing individual and group communications. Understanding and utilizing the English language properly is fundamental to any student’s success both in education and career by helping them to master reading, communicating, and analytical skills.  Integrating vocabulary, spelling, and context analysis, mastering decoding and fluency contributes to the development of better comprehension skills.  Grammar instruction focuses on strengthening written and oral communication by teaching the mechanics of the written and spoken language.  By promoting self-expression and critical thinking skills Language Arts endeavors not only to increase students’ capacity for understanding the English language but also builds confidence and self-esteem.

How we do it:

Instructional Strategies

The following instructional strategies are utilized in this course:

  • Oral and written exercises
  • Orton approach to the study of phonics and total language
  • Modeling
  • Guided and independent practice
  • Open discussions and brainstorming
  • Graphic organizers
  • Pre-teach vocabulary
  • Visual and oral representations for comprehension
  • Visualization activities
  • Written comprehension prompts and exercises
  • Cooperative learning
  • Peer editing
  • Free-writing
  • Paragraph frames
  • Lecture
  • Drill & practice
  • Essays
  • Research projects
  • Brain storming & focused imaging
  • Field trips
  • Games
  • Didactic, Socratic and open-ended questioning strategies
  • Jigsaw, Think, Pair, Share and other peer learning strategies
  • Wait time