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Grade 7 Science

Life Science

What we do:

This course will create an understanding of organization in living things, including systems of classification, cycles and patterns. Students will explore the concepts of cellular organization, relationships among organisms in an ecosystem, and patterns in genetics.  Students will conduct investigations and analyze data to increase understanding of the experimental nature of science.  They will understand humans’ impact on the environment and how sustainability through natural cooperation is a natural part of nature.

How we do it: 

  • Cooperative learning/peer partner learning
  • Hand-on and virtual labs
  • Modeling
  • Hands-on activities and labs
  • Multisensory presentations
  • Introduce relevant vocabulary prior to beginning a new topic of study
  • Pre-teaching lesson by having lesson overview on board
  • Field trips, outdoor classrooms
  • Open-ended questions and discussion
  • Alternative assessments