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Grade 7 Social Studies


What we do:

Students taking Civics will develop a sense of patriotism and duty in addition to an informed interest in American politics.  The students will gain knowledge of the structures, principles, and functions of government on local, state and national levels.  In addition to the meaningful content, students will further develop skills such as analysis and interpretation of text, and organization of data and ideas.  Ultimately, students will understand the duties, privileges, and meaning of American citizenship, enabling them to cultivate their own emerging role within citizenry.

How we do it: 

  • Reflective discussion
  • Lecture
  • Drill & practice
  • Compare & contrast
  • Maps, charts, and timelines
  • Structured study guides
  • Modeling
  • Concept mapping
  • Games
  • Computer assisted instruction
  • Assigned questions
  • Research projects
  • Debates
  • Peer partner learning
  • Brainstorming
  • Introduce relevant vocabulary prior to beginning a new topic of study
  • Simulations
  • PowerPoint presentations