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Grade 8 Science

Physical Science

What we do:

Physical Science builds on skills of investigation, variables and trials.  Gathering data skills are more in-depth at a higher level of analysis. Students plan and conduct research through hands-on labs and literature review Physical Science stresses the understanding of the structure of matter, the characteristics of energy and how they are recognized in nature.  Major areas covered include the organization and use of the periodic table; physical and chemical changes; nuclear reactions; temperature and heat; sound; light; electricity and magnetism.  This is seen all within the context of work, force, and motion.

How we do it:

  • Hand-on and virtual labs
  • Modeling
  • Hands-on activities and labs
  • Multi-sensory presentations
  • Introduce relevant vocabulary prior to beginning a new topic of study
  • Pre-teaching lesson by having lesson overview on board
  • Field Trips, Outdoor Classroom
  • Open-ended questions and discussion
  • Alternative Assessments