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Jane P. Batten Donates $150K to Chesapeake Bay Academy

Friday, March 17, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Academy is pleased to announce that philanthropist Jane P. Batten recently donated $150,000 to the Chesapeake Bay Academy $3M TRANSFORMATION Comprehensive Campaign. Her generous gift will be applied towards CBA’s financial aid assistance program.

“Mrs. Batten, who is noted throughout the region for her dedication to education-related causes, has clearly stated her concern for our youth and the quality of education they receive”, said Dr. Judy Jankowski, CBA Head of School.  “Her generous gift supports our exceptional learners and embraces the vision of the founding families who in 1989 banded together to establish Chesapeake Bay Academy.”  Over the years, donations from private individuals have allowed CBA to provide a specialized educational program that honors the unique learning style of each student and leads them on the path to success. Because of the kindness of the community, CBA has the opportunity to help hundreds of students reach their full potential. Mrs. Batten’s generosity continues to move CBA forward and to support many students who otherwise would not be able to afford the exceptional education CBA provides.  

Chesapeake Bay Academy is the only independent school in Hampton Roads serving students with learning differences.  CBA teachers create individualized pathways to academic and social success for their students by personalizing educational plans to meet each child’s unique learning needs.