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Life After CBA, 8:30 am

Friday, March 22, 2019

Specializing in school placements for students with learning differences, Judy will review the wide variety of options – educational, vocational and developmental – that are available to our graduates. Judy will also discuss strategies that can be utilized to manage the sometimes staggering costs of higher education.

This event is courtesy of CBA and parents of students of all ages are encouraged too attend as it is never to early to start planning for the future!

Judith S. Bass, CEP is an internationally recognized expert in the field of college placement for students who learn differently. Judith is the founder of Bass Educational Services, LLC, an educational consulting firm that provides comprehensive college and post-secondary planning for students who learn differently. She has also developed CollegeWebLD, , a one-stop source of information on college disability services at over 400 colleges in the US. Judith is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences as well as to parent groups throughout the United States.