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MOCA Teen Apprenticeship Program Acceptance - Lindsy Sexton

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lindsy Sexton, 11th grade student at Chesapeake Bay Academy, was just accepted into the Teen Apprenticeship Program (TAP) at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Lindsy was 1 of 12 students chosen for this unique opportunity and also recently sold a piece of artwork at the Ocean View Art Show.  Lindsy’s favorite medium to work in is photography and is very excited for this opportunity. 

TAP students meet weekly at the museum where they gain hands-on work experience by meeting and working directly with artists and museum professionals. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to engage with the museum that provides a diverse repertoire of skills to add to their future college and work submissions. 

A recent field trip landed the TAP group at the 757 Makerspace in Norfolk, a community workshop and prototyping center that also serves as a partner organization to the MAKE CBA Entrepreneurship Program at Chesapeake Bay Academy.

Congratulations to Lindsy and all TAP students!

Click here to learn more about the TAP program.