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Virtual Learning Response Fund

Chesapeake Bay Academy believes that teachers stand at the forefront of the new digital learning environment and that parents should play a supporting role – not bear the responsibility of providing instruction for their children.

Our teachers have made amazingly quick adaptations to their lessons in order to continue to provide highly effective instruction for all students regardless of the resources available at home. That said, educational equity is a core value of CBA and the need for additional resources is clear.

By making a gift to this fund, you support the entire CBA community.


Virtual Learning Response Fund

Faculty Training
Immediate and ongoing professional development opportunities to support classroom teachers with best practices in the digital delivery of instruction; leveraging technology to meet the specific needs of students with learning differences.

Technology and Equity
Provision of adequate hardware to all CBA constituents - faculty and students alike - ensuring an equitable digital learning environment for all.

Instructional Support
Acquisition and creation of innovative curriculum materials designed specifically to support the digital learning environment, now and through the uncertainty of the coming year.

Social-Emotional Support
Provision of services and resources to support the emotional well-being of our vulnerable learners to ensure their continued academic growth.

If you prefer, your gift will also be gratefully received via mail:
Chesapeake Bay Academy
Virtual Learning Response Fund
821 Baker Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

For information on additional giving programs, please contact Cami Best-Jones, director of development, at 757.747.1637 or