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Take Advantage of Tax Credits

Did you know your gift to CBA may be eligible to provide a credit against your Virginia Taxes?

Gifts made through a Virginia state tax credit program can directly reduce the amount of Virginia state taxes owed. In addition to the state credit, donors may also receive a deduction against taxable income on both federal and state income taxes.

To learn more about Virginia state tax credits and request a simple form to get the process started, contact Cami Best-Jones, director of development, 757.747.1673 or

Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Sell High and Make a Gift of Stock Today!

Take advantage of market highs, particularly in growth stocks, and give appreciated securities such as stocks, mutual funds or ETFs. This allows donors to trim positions and reduce risk of loss while avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciation. Make your stock transfer today and miss the year-end rush.

Gifts of Stocks through a Virginia Tax Credit Program

Many gifts of stock are eligible for tax credits. Donors who make a gift of stock and apply for state tax credits win big! Chesapeake Bay Academy participates in two Virginia state tax credit programs through our affiliation with the Virginia Foundation for LD Students.

Contact Director of Development, Cami Best-Jones ( for broker information or to inquire about tax credits for a charitable contribution.